The woman was tired of grey curls and went to the stylist — and left him like a different person

One morning, Susan, who lives in Wisconsin (USA), realised that she could no longer look at herself in the mirror. The grey curls bored the woman so much that she was determined to get rid of them.

It remained only to choose a master, and on reflection, Susan realised that she could entrust her hair to only one person — Christopher Hopkins. A woman can be understood, because he is a real specialist in his field, who has changed more than a dozen people beyond recognition. Christopher is especially good at transforming women over 50. In addition to a new haircut and makeup, Hopkins gives his heroines advice on style, telling how to dress so that the image he created looks veiled.

Master knows better

Susan was so used to the old image that she could not even imagine that it could look different. What haircut to choose, hair colour … and makeup? But it took Christopher a few seconds to create an image of a renewed Susan in his head.

Clients like Susan Hopkins just love it. They do not tell the master how to do his work, but are ready for experiments and completely trust the specialist. This approach allows Christopher to maximise his creative potential and achieve phenomenal results.

The man talks about many transformations in detail on his YouTube blog. There you can also see mini-interviews of his clients.

Hopkins noted that Susan’s messy curls are thick curtains that hide her natural beauty. That smile, those luminous eyes… The grey tresses draw all the attention to themselves, not giving those around them a chance to see that a not so old and rather attractive woman is hiding behind them.

After understanding what colour Susan would suit, Christopher turned the chair so that the woman could not see the process of work. He did this so that the emotions from the final result were as vivid as possible.

And here is the result! Christopher slowly turns his chair, and… Seeing herself rejuvenated, Susan was stunned. “Is this me?” she asked the charming stranger, who was looking at her from the reflection. Warm and pleasant hair colour was not at all like «spiky» grey. And the radiant smile on Susan’s face made the redhead even more bright and sunny. And even the wrinkles around the eyes began to play in a new way.

Yes, it really is Susan, still the same, but at the same time new. At that moment, she realised that it was not in vain that she traveled so many kilometres. And it’s not at all about the haircut and hair colour — she just started to like herself again, and this is so important.

They say that a successful trip to a stylist can be compared in effectiveness with a session with a psychotherapist. It is not surprising, because if you like your reflection in the mirror, it becomes much easier to cope with all the difficulties and hardships.

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