This is what the 69-year-old mother of billionaire Elon Musk looks like. Just awesome!

The famous billionaire, inventor and main ideological inspirer of Tesla, Elon Musk, was born into a fairly wealthy family. His father had his own business, and his mother May Musk was a famous model and nutritionist.

Mei entered the fashion world at the age of 15. The girl had an outstanding appearance and just a stunning figure. In addition, she studied well, entered the institute and successfully graduated from it, by the way. At 22, she married engineer Errol Musk and had three children. Outwardly successful and strong marriage broke up after ten years.

Nevertheless, Mei tried to keep her children respectful of both parents. She did a lot for her children: after the divorce, Mei had to somehow make ends meet. She worked 5 jobs, at the same time got a job at the university so that the children had the opportunity to study for free. With her first salary, according to Mei, she bought a carpet to sit on — there were no chairs in the house. For the second, she bought a computer for her son Elon. The boy was right on the floor and was taking his first steps towards success.

Mei admits that she never would have thought that she would go through so much, invest everything in her sons’ companies, spend sleepless nights and still remain in the modeling business. But she has been working as a model for more than half a century.

When the children were already firmly on their feet, Mei allowed herself to do what she loved. She moved to New York and there she began to work with modeling agencies. At 60, she stopped dyeing her hair, and as it turned out, this benefited her career. Many agencies began to invite her to advertising campaigns, Mei even became the face of the cosmetic company CoverGirl. And this is already 69 years old.

The more you work, the more successful you become,” Mei often repeats. And this industriousness in Mei’s children had someone to learn from.

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