What does the child of a girl with a height of 205 cm look like and how does she live?

Many people who follow Komarov’s program “The World Inside Out” know this interesting girl from Brazil. Elisani Silva was an ordinary child in her childhood, but when she was 10 years old, she began to grow very rapidly. Even then, her height was 190 cm. The girl was often offended at school, so she did not finish her studies and left from there from the fifth grade. Years later, she struggled with her complexes, and someone helped her overcome them.

She met her future husband, who is only 170 cm tall. They got married and Elisani gave birth to a child from him. Now her height is about 2 meters and 5 cm. She is invited to projects, but often deceived and not paid for them, so now the couple lives in poverty and spends only 7 thousand rubles a month for the whole family.

Her son was born healthy, and although doctors say that he will not inherit his mother’s height, it still remains inaccurate. The mother worries that when her son turns 10, he, like her, will begin to grow dramatically.

Living on welfare, they couldn’t even afford to buy a baby stroller, so he slept in bed with his parents. However, a journalist, Dmitry Komarov, came to the rescue and bought the necessary furniture and toys for the baby, and also hinted to Elisani’s husband that he should work harder to provide the family a better life.

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