What does the new boyfriend of actress Kate Beckinsale look like, who is 24 years younger than her

Actress Kate Beckinsel is considered one of the most successful and talented. She has established herself as an actress playing the roles of strong women. This is why the public and critics love Kate. Now the actress is 47 years old, she is still in demand in the cinema. And her appearance is amazing. However, in the personal life of the actress, everything was not so smooth.

The actress has been married twice. With her first husband, actor Michael Sheen, she lived for 4 years. The couple have a daughter, Lily. But even a common child did not save their marriage from divorce. The second marriage to director Len Wiseman was fleeting and lasted only 1.5 years. And after that, Kate went into all serious trouble: each new boyfriend was younger than the previous one, they were all the same age as the daughter of the actress.

And no matter how beautiful the actress looked, her romances with young boyfriends were bewildering. She is a luxurious woman who deserves happiness. But her young lovers do not take her seriously, for them Kate is a springboard that will help launch a career in Hollywood. But Kate is not going to change her preferences. The new lover is younger than everyone else. Goody Grace is an aspiring musician, he is 24 years younger than the actress. The couple hid their relationship for a long time, but the paparazzi managed to film them together. They look happy together and the opinion of the public does not bother them. And fans of Beckinsale predict the fate of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher for this couple.

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