What does the woman for whom Atkinson ruined his 25-year marriage look like?

Many of our subscribers know Rowan Atkinson for the role of Mr. Bean. It was this character that made Rowan popular all over the world. The actor himself does not like to talk about his personal life and prefers to answer questions only related to creative activity.

In the 90s, he met Sanetra Sestry, who later became his wife. Together they lived a quarter of a century, and raised two children together. The daughter followed in the footsteps of her father, but information about the type of activity of her son is still unknown.

But in 2015, it became known that Atkinson divorced his wife and began dating a colleague on the theater stage. Louise Ford is much younger than Rowan, but this did not become an obstacle to their relationship.

And in 2017, they had a child, whose gender and name are not disclosed to the press.

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