What Elvis Presley’s 74-year-old wife looks like today

Priscilla Presley is an American actress and businesswoman, wife of the King of Rock and Roll. Priscilla was born in 1945. Despite her attempts to conquer the Olympus of American show business, Priscilla became famous thanks to her marriage to Elvis Presley.

The couple met in an entertainment club when the girl was 14 years old. At that time, Elvis served in Wiesbaden and was 10 years older than Priscilla. The heart of the king of rock and roll was busy, but Elvis’ attention very soon switched to a young beauty.

Priscilla conquered Presley by not at all striving to get one of the most desirable men in the United States. In 1967, took place the wedding of one of the most beautiful couples of that time.

Elvis and Priscilla’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley was born in 1968.

After 4 years, the marriage broke up. Priscilla left Elvis Presley, unable to withstand the difficulties. According to the woman herself, life with a popular star is a test of strength. Also, Priscilla did not want to be a shadow of her famous husband.

After the tragic death of the king of rock and roll, his ex-wife did everything possible so that the name of Elvis Presley was not forgotten.

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