70-year-old woman changed beyond recognition after going to the stylist

With age, changes in life are much more difficult. But if you want, everything is possible!

Betty lives in New Orleans and has been a music teacher all her life.

Now she is not retired, but she still continues to work, as she loves her profession very much.

Now a woman holds the position of director at a music school.

An important event was taking place at her school and before that, Betty signed up for a stylist. She wanted to be turned into an elegant lady.

Stylist Christopher immediately set to work. It is worth noting that Betty did not discuss with him all the nuances of her change, so she did not even know what to expect.

1. First of all, the master took up the hair. He cut his hair. They are curly by nature, so there will be no problems with styling.

2. Next, the hair was dyed. The shade of blonde suits Betty’s type and turned out to be very natural.

3. Light makeup refreshed and even rejuvenated her.

When her husband met her, he could not hide his admiration. His wife became even more beautiful than before. As a token of gratitude, Betty decided to give Christopher a musical performance.

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