80th lady does makeup better than many makeup artists. Her video has taken the internet by storm

Most of our women stop caring for themselves after the age of sixty. They are engaged in everyday life, grandchildren, they don’t have time or energy for themselves. But in vain!

Joanna Hopkins from the USA at the age of 78 became a sensation on the Web. She learned how to do makeup cooler than many makeup artists!

First, Joanna cleanses the skin, applies primer, foundation and colourless powder. It evens out skin tone and makes it matte.

Then she draws lips: contour, lipstick.

Then the turn of the eyebrows and eyes.

Definitely arrows! For a brighter look.

Since the hair is already grey and its structure has changed, the woman uses a wig. Looks stunningly beautiful!

Just look at her! Gorgeous!

Her video was a real discovery! Many users appreciated the reincarnation and supported the desire of a woman to be beautiful.

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