A 17-year-old guy from Brazil has turned into a living doll in just a couple of years, and surgeons have nothing to do with it

Felipe Adam — an unusual guy from Brazil who did the impossible — became like a living doll, or rather, the notorious companion of Barbie — Ken.

To achieve a unique appearance, the young man took more than one year.

For several years he was looking for a means to help him express himself.

Felipe opted for piercings, changed styles, dyed his hair and made exotic haircuts, but none of the results suited him.

The desire to become special arose a little later, when the guy remembered how he loved to play with a Barbie doll as a child.

Since then, he began to take the first steps towards the fulfillment of his cherished dream..

Every day, Adam spends 2-3 hours applying makeup and creating stylish styling. To gain skills, he watched videos where doll faces were painted.

To modernize the figure, he uses corsets and suits, which allows him to match the image.

If you look at the photo of the blogger, it may seem that he did plastic surgery.

But in reality, a similar effect was achieved without the intervention of surgeons — this is what the hero of the publication claims.

One day, a young man decided to interview several passers-by to hear how many operations they thought he had done.

The answers varied, but not a single person said that Adam managed to get by without them.

However, the man does not hide the fact that in the near future he plans to turn to a surgeon to make his nose more elegant, remove excess fat deposits in the area of the chin and cheeks.

The blogger also mentioned implants and the desire to change eye color.

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