“A doll that doesn’t look like herself”: 54-year-old Kidman made a new plastic surgery, after which she is unrecognizable

N. Kidman is a famous actress who gained her popularity thanks to such works as: “Pretend to be my wife”, “Play back”, “Sorceress”, as well as many others.

The actress has always been famous for her good looks, but for some reason, at fifty-four, she looks better than some of her younger colleagues.

Many of her fans and celebrity experts are sure that the reason for such a good appearance is far from a healthy lifestyle, a good place to live (climate, nature, etc.).

They are sure that a woman has been using the services of cosmetologists for many years and even performs plastic surgery. It is worth noting that many of them can even say what kind of operations and procedures the woman has done and continues to do.

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