“But what about the model parameters?”: The Italian model boasted a figure that men dream of

Angelica Bufalo is a famous model from Italy, her Instagram has already gained more than ninety-five thousand subscribers.

If you imagined a girl with parameters 85-60-90, then we are in a hurry to change your mind — Angelica is a representative of a healthy lifestyle, nutrition and a natural, healthy figure.

The girl’s account has a lot of photos in open or close-to-figure clothes that emphasize the model’s shape. Commentators under her photos are divided into many camps — someone really likes Angelica’s figure, and someone writes that it’s time for her to lose weight.

There is another type — these people write that they do not understand what can hook her appearance. Such commentators believe that Bufalo looks completely ordinary — some even stutter about the village.

And how would you rate the appearance of the Italian beauty? Share your opinion in the comments!

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