Madonna in the photographs looks like a young girl, and a random shot proved the opposite and now it is clear how old she really is

Madonna seeks to show others that her appearance fully corresponds to her inner mood, rebellious character.

But, unfortunately, even the most expensive procedures are not able to cope with natural aging, so it is becoming more and more difficult for the singer to maintain her youth.

Madonna has long been a sex symbol. Today, the woman is already 63 years old, and she posts beautiful photos on Instagram, where she shows her fans how beautiful and young she is. There is no hint of respectful age on her face and body.

Not so long ago, the singer posted on the page a series of frames in which she posed next to Jeremy O. Harris. The performer loosened her wavy hair, did a beautiful make-up, complemented the image with expensive jewelry. In the photograph, Madonna is barely thirty years old.

However, there were those who were not satisfied with the situation, and a screenshot from a video clip with no filters appeared on the network.

There Madonna looks tired. Wrinkles, excessive shine, sagging skin are visible on the skin.

Therefore, users concluded that a woman uses the full potential of fashion filters and photoshop. But there is another opinion. Some users believe that the singer turned to plastic surgeons who removed the flaws.

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