Selena Gomez has changed a lot lately and fans of the star refused to believe what they see, but there is a reason for this

Due to health problems, the singer’s weight is constantly changing, but the public and the paparazzi continue to criticize the girl.

Unidentified photographers took several pictures at the moment when the Hollywood star left the cafe after dinner.

A short sweatshirt opened the girl’s stomach, and wide pants made her legs more voluminous. No one expected to see the idol of millions from such an angle.

Photos quickly scattered across all social networks, creating a big resonance around Selena Gomez. Some Internet users began to mock the 29-year-old star, noting that the girl’s stomach became even more round, and her cheeks were clearly enlarged.

But not without those who began to defend Selena. The fans reminded the spiteful critics that the girl has health problems.

Emphasizing that in such situations, on the contrary, it is necessary to cheer up the Hollywood star, because she is trying her best.

“She is still stunning.”

“We believe in you, you will overcome all the problems.”

“Selena, we love you! You’re the best.”

Selena Gomez really could get a number of complications after a kidney transplant operation. She also struggled with lupus and bipolar disorder for a long time.

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