The fans simply did not believe who their idol turned into and could not recognize her, although 10 years ago everyone knew her

Unknown paparazzi published pictures of 35-year-old Amanda Bynes, which literally shocked fans.

The footage shows how much the appearance of the adored actress has changed.

Overweight, black hair, and a large number of tattoos — this is how the once beauty from the movie «Love on an Island» looks now. As it became known, Amanda has been under the care of her parents since 2014, after compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital.

A lightning-fast rise in popularity and a huge amount of money could at one time turn the head of a young actress.

Also, the girl was deprived of a driver’s license, because she repeatedly became a participant in accidents, while being intoxicated.

In 2010, the once successful actress announced the end of her television career. Amand Bynes tried her hand at various creative fields, but she never managed to repeat her success.

According to the lawyer, now the girl has no problems with bad habits, and she is very satisfied with her life.

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