The girl shared a photo from the past, before all the operations, but the fans did not recognize, because the photo is an angel

Meet Mary Magdalene — she is 24 years old and lives in Canada.

She became famous for her love for various modifications of her body and has already managed to do a lot of plastic surgery in order to become, in her opinion, ideal.

But at the moment, Maria is not happy with her appearance and wants to enlarge her lip in the near future to such an extent that it reaches her nose.

A few days ago, Maria shared with her fans a photo from her childhood, where she was just a child, without any hints of modification and plans for plastic surgery.

And in this cute girl, Magdalena’s subscribers could not make out the same freak model that ruined her appearance so much.

And they advised her to turn to another specialist — a psychiatrist.

How could the surgeons have so disfigured the girl, because she has obvious mental disorders?

I don’t understand how such a sweet girl spent millions to mutilate herself and turn into a freak. Sadly…

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