The network does not understand what happened to the appearance of Zac Efron, because now everyone sees him as a handsome Squidward

American actor Zac Efron has caused a lot of memes and controversy on the Internet in recent days after changing his appearance. On the net, he is called «handsome Squidward» and even «Shrek in the human body», and hundreds of memes have also been made.

After the online event “Earth Day! Musical ”about the problem of climate change with the participation of stars, where Zac Efron took part, screenshots with a new image of the actor scattered all over Twitter.

Fans of Zac Efron were surprised by such changes in the appearance of the actor and decided that he began to use the services of a beauty specialist. The network began to ridicule and with whom just do not compare.

Users have noticed that Zac Efron can now play Shrek in a human body.

But especially on the network appreciated the meme of the hero of the animated series «SpongeBob SquarePants» Squidward.

However, many netizens stood up for the actor, recalling that the artist suffers from dysmorphophobia — excessive concern for his body. And such jokes on the actor is not the best thing to do.

People, maybe you shouldn’t act like bastards? We will never know what is really going on with a person.

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