The young man survived 10 operations to look like an Asian

The 25-year-old resident of Brazil, who was previously called Max, changed his name and appearance.

From now on, his name is Xiang Nishi, and he looks like a Korean. The young man went through 10 plastic surgeries to change the shape of his eyes.

He dreamed of moving to South Korea, although he says he still feels Brazilian.

The young man revealed that he became a fan of Korean culture after studying in the country for a year.

He spent hours watching local soap operas and listening to Korean pop music. Over time, his passion for Asia played out so much that he decided to become a Korean.

“As you know, Asians have thousands of eye shapes. I had some major facial plastic surgery to look like a typical Korean,” said Xiang.

“Nevertheless, I still feel like a Brazilian. I am not going to change one national identity for another. Why, if I can combine both?” said the young man.

Xiang is not the only one who decided to go under the knife for the sake of a radical change in his own appearance.

So, a Japanese porn star went to the doctor to become like an elf from Harry Potter, and an American Katella Dash chose a rubber woman as a role model.

Plastic surgeons have so successfully changed his appearance that at the moment Sen looks very much like a popular Asian film actor.

The guy had his cheekbones corrected, lips changed, forehead plastic surgery, and even an operation to change the shape of his eyes. And only the color of the eyes remained unchanged — light blue. However, the young man skillfully hides them using contact lenses.

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