Twins with unusual eyes are already 8 years old. Here’s what they look like now!

6th of June 2011 American Stephanie Boyd gave birth to twin daughters. Stephanie named the babies Morgan and Megan. Girls became famous all over the world due to their unusual appearance.

Now the girls are 8 years old and they are conquering the fashion world with tiny steps.

Despite the fact that the girls are like two drops of water, Morgan has heterochromia. Her eyes are different colours: one eye is blue and the other is brown.

Many members of the Morgan family were born with the same differences. Their uncle and great-aunt had odd-eyed. That is why when a mother saw a newborn daughter with heterochromia, she was not at all afraid for her health.

Almost immediately after the birth of the twins, Stephanie began posting pictures of them on Instagram. Now more than 100 thousand Internet users are subscribed to the babes account. People are fascinated by the angelic faces of Morgan and Megan.

When the girls were 4 years old, they started shooting for Neon Kisses children’s clothing ads.

Many netizens believe that Morgan and Megan are very similar to the famous singer Rihanna.

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