What does the most beautiful girl in the world look like when she finally becomes an adult?

In 2011, a scandal erupted in the world of high fashion when Vogue published a deliberately immodest photo shoot with the participation of a 10-year-old model. In their defense, they said that this was not a girl, but Thylane Blondeau herself! The model, who has been filming since the age of 3, literally lives on the set and has long been the title of «the most beautiful girl» in the world. But those times have passed and now Tilan is already an adult woman, soon she will be 19 years old. What is she?

This is how Tilan was seen in the world for the first time — a girl with blue eyes.

At the age of 4, she already had a track record, shooting in commercials.

That scandalous photo shoot for Vogue with 10-year-old Thylane.

And a photo from 2020 — this is how the girl looks now.

She has more than enough fame, almost 3.5 million subscribers on Instagram.

She did not waste her childish charm and beauty, but transformed it into an adult charm.

A beautiful girl needs a faithful four-legged friend!

Thylane used to be photographed more often by others, now she takes more selfies.

A girl with humour.

Modeling business for home native and she continues to act for different brands.

Famous publications are not averse to placing it on their covers.

Using connections, Thylane launched her clothing line.

And here is a visual comparison of how Thylane has changed over the past 10 years.

I wonder how long it will last? Any work leaves an imprint and many child models gave up this business when they grew up and began to make decisions themselves. But Tilan, it seems, is from a different test and continues to build a career.

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