“A copy of mom”: what does the daughter of Anna Smith look like now, who at 26 married an 89-year-old man

Anna Smith passed away in 2007. Many attribute her untimely departure to the fact that shortly before her death, her 20-year-old son passed away. They say the model could not come to terms with the loss.

By the way, at that time, Anna’s second child, her daughter Dannilin, was only 5 months old. The girl did not even remember her mother.

Now she lives with her father, and according to the man, modeling agencies are already offering Dannylin contracts. She looks so much like her mom!

Only now, a caring dad is in no hurry to agree, he wants his daughter to have a childhood.

Recently, a photo of a girl got into the network, and everyone was just stunned! How much she resembles Anna! This little girl definitely has a great future.

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