A new photo of the son of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on a walk with his grandmother has appeared on the web

Fans of the Sussex couple are eagerly waiting for the couple to share fresh pictures of little Archie Harrison. However, the spouses are very careful about the privacy of their lives. They are doing their best to protect the baby from annoying media attention. And despite the fact that Meghan and Harry themselves have become more active in social life, they hide their son from prying eyes.

However, the paparazzi don’t want to give up so easily. This time they managed to get a photo of little Archie on a walk with Grandma Doria. They were strolling through the grounds of Harry and Megan’s estate. Doria was dressed in simple home clothes, and Archie was wearing a panama hat, shorts and a striped blouse. Grandmother rolled her grandson on a typewriter, not even suspecting that they were being filmed.

By the way, the pictures appeared in one German edition. Fans of the couple immediately noted that the boy was becoming more and more like his mother. They even gave an example of a baby photo of Meghan Markle herself.

But many were interested in another question, and whether Meghan and Harry will sue the German edition for the photo. After all, this is illegal: the pictures were taken on private territory, and even by law it is necessary to hide the baby’s face, since he has not reached the age of majority. That’s exactly what the couple did with the Canadian publication that took a photo of Archie Harrison. The British suspect that this is another trick of Meghan Markle, perhaps she herself is the initiator of such a surge.

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