Abdominal Leo and the perfect Camille — new photos of the couple caused a storm of discussions on the network

Leonardo DiCaprio is known not only as one of the best actors in Hollywood, but also as a womanizer who changes one model for another once a year.

But it looks like Leo has settled down and has been dating Al Pacino’s goddaughter Camilla Morreno for 3 years now. The lovers met at one of Pacino’s private parties and since then a relationship has begun between them.

Leo has always been secretive and the paparazzi managed to take pictures of him with the girls only during the holidays. Leo did not go to official events with «passions». But Camilla seems to be an exception. Last year they attended both the Oscars and Cannes together.

And now they are quarantined together and relaxing on the beach.

The latest pictures were much discussed on the network and many noted that Leo with his belly looks very ridiculous next to the perfect and slender Camilla. But everything seems to suit the lovers.

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