An unusual mixture: what does twins look like, born from the union of a British woman and a Jamaican?

If you look at these boys, it’s hard to say that they are twins. And all because their parents are of different nationalities, which is why they turned out to be such dissimilar brothers.

Their mother was born in Britain and their father is half Jamaican. Children were born one dark-skinned brunette, and the other fair-skinned blond. Now the brothers are one and a half years old, and no one believes that they have a family connection.

Children already have their own page on the Internet, more than 7 thousand people are already following their lives. In addition to different appearances, kids have different characters, parents say. But the eldest son in the family is similar to both his father and mother.

“What beautiful boys”, “This union turned out!”, “What magnificent”, “All three will become models”, “Lucky to be born with such an appearance,” the society comments.

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