“In lace and heels”: 9-year-old beautiful Kardashian daughter has matured before her years

Probably every person in the world who has free access to the Internet has heard about the Kardashian family.

There is always a lot of attention, rumors and high-profile news around them — so recently new joint photos of Kim and her daughter, whose name is North, appeared on the network.

In the photographs, Kim is dressed, as always, in outfits that emphasize her figure and shape, very bright and unusual. But her daughter, who is nine years old, also followed in her mother’s footsteps and already walks in small heels, in bright clothes in the style of her mother.


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Perhaps it is Kim who dresses the girl this way — or perhaps North herself just wants to be like her mother. In the comments under such photos and videos, people usually note that her images are far from being for a nine-year-old, while others think that everything is fine.

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