“Like a grandfather with a granddaughter”: 73-year-old Jean Reno shared a picture with his wife, who is 24 years younger than him

Jean Reno is a well-known and easily recognizable actor that you may have seen in such films as: «Leon», «The Unlucky Ones», several parts of the «Aliens» series of films, and many others.

The man is already seventy-three years old, and he does not say that he goes out very often — however, not so long ago he still came to one with his wife.

The woman’s name is Zofia Boruk, she is forty-nine years old — and despite the fact that she is more than twenty years younger than her husband, she is also not the youngest.

In the photographs, the spouses look just fine together — it is clear that they love each other, and no age difference prevents them from doing this. Many fans of the actor are delighted with his wife in the photo — she looks young, bright and smiles very gently.

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