«She showed herself without embellishment» — how 62-year-old Sharon Stone looks now

Sharon Stone was once considered one of the most desirable and attractive actresses in Hollywood. Men admired Stone, and women envied. After all, the actress is always in excellent shape, besides, she was considered the standard of beauty and elegance.

However, time was very harsh on the actress, after suffering a stroke, the actress became simply unrecognizable. She left the cinema and for many years was engaged in treatment and recovery. Because of the illness, the actress has dramatically aged, there is no trace of Sharon Stone’s front. However, the actress was not shy about her wrinkles and flabby skin.

However, the latest photos of the actress pleased the fans. Sharon was her old self again. She looked younger by 20 years, got a new haircut and continues to maintain her perfect shape. Despite the fact that the actress is 62 years old, she looks flawless and tries to maintain her appearance with proper nutrition and sports. The actress is against plastic surgery and beauty injections, she believes that we need to accept and love ourselves as we are.

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