Such a baby, but with such a big future: How does model Nastya Averbukh look like now and in what family

Model Nastya Averbukh for her 12 years has already made quite a successful career. She proudly bears the unspoken title of the most beautiful girl in Israel and in every possible way pleases her parents with her achievements.

Nastya was born in the family of the famous athlete Alexander Averbukh. The girl was brought to the modeling world by her mother and she was immediately noticed by well-known agents.

The baby first began to appear on the covers of glossy publications, and a little later she was invited to the fashion show.

Now Nastya continues to develop in the direction of modeling, and parents are happy to support their child.

They see that she is doing great and Nastya herself is happy to do this business, so in the future she can easily compete with many top models.

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