“When plastic is harmful”: what was this girl like before numerous plastic surgeries

In the twenty-first century, people love with their eyes — because many people get to know each other for the first time on social networks.

Of course, bloggers also attract their subscribers primarily with their appearance — luxurious or homely and cozy. For example, a girl who talks about fashion and style in her Instagram account always appears in front of her subscribers with makeup and styling — her nickname in this social network is sheidafashionista.

Of course, for her fans, the girl is incredibly beautiful, but if you see her for the first time, then look at how Sheida looked before all the plastic surgeries.

It’s true that even after that it seems to many that now it really looks better — in general, people are divided into two opposite camps.

What do you like better — before or after plastic surgery? Share your opinion with us, dear readers!

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