«A wrinkled neck and an extinct look.» Fans of Bellucci gasped when they saw the new pictures of the diva

55-year-old Monica Bellucci is under the scrutiny of paparazzi and ordinary people. No beauty’s walk is complete without new pictures taken surreptitiously. The other day, the charming actress got out for lunch with a friend. The paparazzi did not lose their heads and took a couple of pictures, catching Monica by surprise.

The actress appeared in front of fans in a long black polka dot dress, showing sloping shoulders. Monica gave her preference to comfortable slates, giving up heels.

The woman gathered her hair into a practical ponytail, hiding from the paparazzi behind sunglasses. Monica’s fans were delighted with the new pictures of the actress: «Very beautiful», «Soon 60, and you are blooming and smelling», «Queen», «Eyes are so sad».

Monica’s detractors arrived right there, joining the discussion in the comments: «Wrinkled neck gives age», «Monica is no longer the same», «Beauty did not bring her happiness. In all the photos she is very sad», «An extinct look», «She was such a beauty. Getting old.»

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