And it seemed perfect: Kardashian showed herself without makeup, bewildering netizens

Recently, a new trend has spread around the world. People began to agitate for naturalness, for beauty, which is not «painted», but given from birth. And some stars, who were famous for a lot of cosmetics on their faces, decided to show themselves <>.

So the TV star Kim Kardashian was unrealistic to see without a make-up. Wherever she goes: shooting, a restaurant or just a walk, makeup should be at the highest level. But recently, she decided to show fans her face without any makeup.

She washed off the foundation, and eyeliner, and lipstick from her face. And after that had a procedure with a beautician. “I have so much makeup on my face. This is what my usual working day looks like — with so much makeup, ”the star admits. But in fact, all this was done to promote the new SKIMS skin care products.

On the Internet, of course, they reacted to Kim’s pictures. Many liked the natural appearance of Kardashian, they urged her to show her face without makeup more often, it makes her younger.

And what do you think?

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