«Copy of Lucas»: Jade showed her 17-year-old son from a partner in the TV series «Clone»

On the set of the «Clone» series, real feelings flared up between the actors portraying the couple. Now the «fruit of love» is already 17 years old.

Giovanna (real name of the actress) judging by the biography, she is a very hot-tempered and loving woman, so it is not surprising that she is already married.

It is not yet known whether it is the most successful, but it is definitely long: the actress has been married to Leonard Nogueira for 10 years. Antonelli is raising 2 twin girls from this man.

The actress also has an older son, he is from a previous marriage, a real handsome man! It could not be otherwise, because his parents are one of the most charming actors in Brazil!
They say that he got the best features from both.

The father of the 17-year-old teenager is a partner in the TV series «Clone» — Mirilo Beniciu. The actors on the set played a couple, but the feelings were transferred to real life! Both celebrities were in relationships at the time, so they didn’t want to develop feelings. They could not last for a long time, unable to withstand the pressure of her partner, Giovanna divorced for the first time.

In reality, their feelings did not last long, after 2 years the couple has already filed for divorce. However, the result of their love is their son, Pietro, who is growing up in his mother’s new family. Recently, a famous actress shared a picture of a guy who has completely matured.

Fans noted his charming beauty and resemblance to his parents. «Only mom’s lips», «A clone» of her father», «These eyes will conquer millions!» — the Network users responded.

Who do you think Pietro is more like?

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