Dissatisfied and with deep wrinkles. The real Jolie was filmed on the street in a pajama suit

Angelina Jolie is still considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, even despite her age, because this year Angelina turned 45 years old. The divorce from Brad Pitt had a little effect on the actress, fans say, and they don’t understand how Brad could leave such a woman at all.

If we see Jolie, then only in the photo from the red carpet, but what about real life? The paparazzi filmed a woman on the street, Angelina was dressed in a trendy «pajama» suit from a fashion brand, her hair was down, and no makeup.

Netizens noticed how dissatisfied the actress was at that moment, and the most attentive saw deep wrinkles on the star, but this is all understandable, because she is not twenty for a long time.

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