«In grandma’s knickers»: Paparazzi caught a plump Scarlett Johansson on vacation

Special attention has always been focused on the actress S. Johansson. After all, an actress of this status is simply sentenced to this. Therefore, any of her appearance is a portion of new photos from annoying paparazzi.

The other day, pictures appeared on the network, in which S. Johansson was caught on vacation. The appearance of the actress surprised her loyal fans very much. In the photos she appeared plump and in pantaloons, which have gone out of fashion for 40 years.

Fans of the actress were at a loss from such photos of their favorite. They began to reproach Scarlett for not taking care of herself. On the other hand, there were a lot of comments that were still positive.

«You can see that she got fat,» «It feels like she’s wearing her grandmother’s knickers,» «She’s not the same anymore,» «But I still like her,» «She’s pretty in any form,» «She allowed herself to eat too much,» fans of the actress write in the comments.

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