“The copy of dad”: Prince William’s daughter bears a striking resemblance to her father

Princess Charlotte delighted society with her unearthly beauty. A small video has appeared on the Web in which the prince and his daughter wish the victory of the England women’s national football team. The public is still discussing this publication.

Everyone who supports the royal family could not help but note that the 7-year-old daughter of the prince is his copy. And if you look at William’s childhood photo, it’s like twins. Various comments began to appear under the publication on Instagram.

First, we publish the comments of the fans. “Like two drops of water”, “Very beautiful girl”, “She didn’t look like her dad before”, “The bride grew up,” fans write.

Of course, like any famous people, in addition to fans, there are also ill-wishers. “Sophisticated appearance”, “When was it that the royals were on Instagram?”, “For a time of noble deeds?”, “Pure window dressing”, some people were dissatisfied.

Do you see the similarities between daughter and father?

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