What a white model from Germany looks like today, who turned black and went to live in Africa

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Many people do not like their own appearance. Today, technology has reached such a level that all the “flaws” can be corrected. Don’t like your own nose? No problem! There is plastic surgery. Do you want plump lips? Not a problem at all! Fillers help! Even the color of the skin can be changed if you suddenly want to. It was this procedure that M. Big did. She lived in Germany and was a light-skinned blonde.

Today she is already 31, and she admits that she never liked her appearance, she wanted to change something in her. Most of all she wanted to have a chocolate skin color. Martina’s dream came true after one beautician did not tell her that it was quite possible. It turned out that it was necessary to inject injections of the hormone «melaton». The girl, of course, agreed to this and took the risk.

After the injections, not only the color of the skin changed, but also the shades of the eyes and hair. By the way, they became curly. After such dramatic changes, Martina enlarged her lips to become even more like African women.

After some time, she decided to move to Kenya. There she was baptized under the name Malaika, after which she turned into a real African woman.

A few years ago, Malaika met a man named Mile, who, like her, injected himself with this hormone. Interestingly, he did not influence him as much as he would like. A year ago, the couple got married.

How do you look at it?

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